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Port workers and shipping containers in port


Need to ship a certain quantity of goods, but not enough to fill a full container? If this rings true then the prudent option is groupage. With the groupage service we offer here at Surefreight in Newry, your goods are shipped in a container with different shipments, meaning that you only pay for the cost of the space that you use - this can save you untold sums of money if used on a regular basis.

It’s a cost-effective solution

Surefreight are specialists in groupage, as we're always looking for ways to save our clients money. Our team have a lot of experience managing groupage containers, and can ensure your shipment gets to where it needs to be safely, whilst also reducing the amount that you need to spend on logistics. For more information, please call us today.

Shipping containers

We always keep track

When considering using groupage to ship your freight, one of your first questions will probably be "what happens if my consignment gets mixed up with someone else's?" At Surefreight, we leave no room for error, and our groupage process includes careful sorting and labelling of your delivery, before we ever load it into the groupage container. Our team in Newry are experts in managing containers effectively and professionally, in order to satisfy our customers' logistic demands. With offices in Newry, Cardiff, Bradford, Heysham, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester, we can provide a nationwide service.


Pass the savings onto your customers

With the savings you make on shipping courtesy of our groupage service, you’re then in a position to pass on savings to your customers and that could be the make or break option when it comes to a customer choosing your service over a competitor.

manual worker and businessman shaking hands near shipping containers

Why our groupage service?

  • Lowers cost

  • You don't pay for empty space

  • Savings can be passed onto your customers

  • Ideal for smaller amounts of freight


Then call our team at Surefreight to discuss our groupage service! You can reach us on

028 3026 4127

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