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If you’d like to receive a quote on any of our services here at Surefreight, we’ll be glad to provide it. We’re based in Newry, get in touch directly to enquire.

What service do you need?

As an established provider of logistical services for over 30 years, there are many ways in which we can assist you when it comes to transporting your goods. See a breakdown of our services below, find the option you’re after and complete the quotation form attached. We’ll be back in touch in due course.

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Full loads

Need to ship a large amount of cargo? If that’s the case, then a full load is usually the best option for you. There’s little-to-no space wastage that you’ll have to pay for and given that the load is full and we won’t add any other cargo, the delivery is faster because there are no more stop-offs.

Full Loads
Shipping Containers


It may be that you’re only shipping a small amount of cargo, which means that you’ll only be taking some of the space in that container or on that truck. Rather than pay for all that wasted space, choosing our groupage option means you only pay for the space that you use and we fill up the remaining space with other cargo from other clients.

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If you’re looking to have a contractual relationship with us so that the transport of your cargo is managed on a regular basis then please complete the attached form and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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Warehouse storage

We have depots in Newry, Cardiff, Bradford, Heysham, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester. It means that we can store goods at strategic locations for quick deliveries across the UK. If you’d like a quote on our warehouse storage service, please complete the form provided.

Warehouse Storage
Port Workers With Shipping Containers


If the transportation of your goods requires brokering services for customs clearance, then our team at Surefreight can provide that service for you. Complete the quotation form and we’ll get back in touch.



Then please call our team at Surefreight on

028 3026 4127

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